About us

Welcome to ThermoFlexTub: Step In | Step Out | Step Up

At ThermoFlexTub we revolutionize therapy with our innovative approach! We're dedicated to providing you with the world's first and only portable, inflatable 2-in-1 contrast therapy tub. Our focus is on enhancing physical healing, aiding in training recovery, and improving mental health.

At ThermoFlexTub, we believe everyone deserves access to advanced wellness technology. That's why we're committed to offering our products at more affordable prices than others on the market, without compromising on quality.

I'm Barry de Klerk, the founder of ThermoFlexTub. As a registered counsellor and clinical psychologist in training, my passion for mental health and the remarkable benefits I've witnessed in my clients' mental well-being through contrast therapy inspired me to create this product.

Step into a new realm of wellness with ThermoFlexTub—Step In, Step Out, and Step Up to a healthier you.

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